September 3, 1996 – Tuesday – 12:35 a.m.

The soccer game was fun on Sunday afternoon.  Our girls won!

We went to church that evening.  Jim is such a good speaker.  I wish he wasn’t leaving.  After the service, we all went to see Mission Impossible at the dollar theater.  It was us college guys and some of the youth group.  We ate at Mel’s Diner afterwards.  We got to talk to our waitress.  She is a Christian who is working in the ministry at App State.  She said she went to a charismatic church.  She described it and it sounded like home.  Her name is Kat.

Sunday night was such a fun evening.  Those kids are so funny.

Monday, Labor Day came, and we didn’t go to Deep Creek.  Instead, after lunch, all of us went to help put carpet in Melissa’s room at Eastern Tennessee State University.

It was enjoyable.  We walked around campus.  Laura and Vince seemed to walk close a lot.  We ate at Wendy’s then came back to school until Bible Study.

On the way back from the university, I rode with Sharon and Hannah in Bob’s old pickup truck.  Hannah fell asleep with her head in my lap.  I ran my fingers through her soft hair.  Sharon drove along.  Sweet conversation was made between us, but then silence and pure peacefulness.

And for a few brief moments, I found a peace deep inside me that I hadn’t discovered before.  I dreamed and it seemed as if it was my daughter’s head in my lap, and my wife was driving my pick up truck to our house.  I was so happy.  Everything from the past 20 years and sixteen days seemed to converge together so that those moments of peace would be possible.

A smile filled my face.

I did homework until Bible Study, but Vince stayed at their house to go running with Laura.  When I arrived, Vince answered the door with no shoes on.  He was just in his socks.  And I felt a stab in my heart.

Bible study was great.  Sharon is an amazing teacher.  There was a look in both Vince and Laura’s eye.  I could tell they had an enjoyable time together and that brought a smile to my face.

Vince came here a rugged individual of the world.  But he found the Lord and his life has turned around.  And for him to also get Laura would be an extra bonus.  His life would be complete happiness and I would feel as if I played a role in giving that to him.

Sharon baked cookies.  The house smelt like Christmas.  The evening weather is getting cooler.  Time is marching on.  Things are changing.  I am growing.

My story continues.


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