September 1, 1996 – Sunday – 1:40 p.m.

Friday night, I went to Boone with Charlie, Kate, Dan, and Vince.  We just did nothing.  We went to the mall and just drove around.  Kind of boring, but I was with my friends and I fear one day I won’t get to see them as often.

I also received a new camera in the mail yesterday.  I had to get it for my Photography class.  It’s really neat.  It’s a fully manual Pentax 35mm camera.  Nothing automatic about it.  So, I went out and took a lot of pictures.

Saturday morning, Vince and I went to Asheville to pick up Braveheart that Sharon bought for me.

Church was so wonderful this morning.  Laura was there.  She was so beautiful next to her mother.  I talked with her this morning.  It is so good knowing she is my friend.

There is a soccer game at 2:00 p.m.  I told Kate and Rachel Anne that I would come and watch.

Life is simple and peaceful.

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