September 4, 1996 -Wednesday – 6:00 p.m.

Yesterday was a rainy day.  I had rehearsal that evening, and Laura and Vince went running in the rain.

And they just now left to go running together.  They are going to the Blue Ridge Parkway; to be surrounded by that beauty together.  They have become close.

I have backed away.

And now I have no one to dream about as I lay my head down to sleep.

And so is my story.  But Vince needs Laura and Laura needs Vince.

I can make it okay with just me and the Lord.

I just wonder if there is someone out there dreaming of me like I’ve been dreaming of Laura.  I can think of no one.

No one sees.

No one hears.

But I am content.

I have my Jesus and I love my solitude.

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