September 19, 1993 – Sunday – 3:10 p.m.

About 14 hours ago, I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital in Sanford.  I was sitting up in the front seat with intense back pain, but Marcus was the one in the back, laid out on the stretcher, wearing a neck brace.  I had just wrecked another car.

But I am safe, alive, and back in my room listening to the Dances With Wolves soundtrack.  Let’s start from the beginning.  Hopefully I can remember everything.  I’m fading fast.

Yesterday morning, a Saturday, I woke up feeling good because I spent some quality time with the Lord the night before.  Marcus and I got ready to go to singing practice.  Kevin was back home for the weekend.  Marcus and I were going to drive him back down to college last night after youth group.  He goes to school in Fayetteville, about an hour and a half from our house.

During singing practice Ryan was definitely in a weird mood.  She was just not serious in anything she said and it really made me laugh.

Mom came and dropped Kevin off at the church while she went to buy some carpet.

We met her at Wal-Mart once we were done with practice and I got some jeans and a tie.  Afterwards, mom went home and Kevin went to the Neal’s house.  They are a family from church with tons of kids, most of them younger, but we often hang out with them.

I rode around Sanford a while; wondering what I was going to do.  I went by Kiwanis Park and walked the trail.  I knew Scott and Marcus were planning on coming there so I waited around for them.  Some people were setting up for a concert and they wanted to talk to them.

They eventually showed up and we then went to the Denny’s, another family from church.  Marcus and Scott have started a Christian rap group called Brothers In The Word, or maybe that’s Brothers N Da Word, I’m not sure.  Anyway, they practice in the basement of the Denny’s house.

After that came skit group practice and I was directing today’s skit.  We didn’t get finished, but we got a lot accomplished.  It’s hard work.  I got real bossy and people saw a side of me that they have never seen before.

Youth group came after that and even Veronica and Sherry came.  We had a great meeting and when it was all over, we had to take Kevin back to school.  He drove, but once we got there we stayed a long time.

College life is very different from home life.  I honestly don’t know if I’m ready for it yet, but it is less than a year away.

Around midnight we left and I remember praying, “Thanks for getting us home safely, Lord,” as we buckled up and left the college.

We got home, but it was at 4:16 a.m. this morning.

After driving through Fayetteville and Sanford (about an hour) I got really tired.  We were on the four-lane of 421 headed home and it was less that a quarter of a mile before the four-lane merged into a two-lane.

It was there that I fell asleep.

In fact, I feel like sleeping now.

I’ll have to finish this later…


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