July 7, 1996 – Sunday – 12:35 p.m.

A hot day so far.

Vince is doing well, and I saw Marjorie and Erin yesterday as well.  Curtis arrived.  He is trying to grow a beard; kind of funny looking.

Sharon and Laura came to the show last night.  Both beautiful as ever.  I sat behind them.

So close yet so far away.

Another winter dream.

Church was nice this morning, but I felt very lonely.

Brigadoon goes up twice today.  I’ll spend most of my day ushering.

I’ve been on duty for six days.

My theater classes are over.  I made an A in Career Management and a B in Costuming.  I start General Psychology on Tuesday.  Vacation Bible School begins Saturday.

Forty days until my 20th birthday.

Will my dreams ever come true?

Will I ever live with a lover?

What memory of the past 20 years is my favorite?

Dear God, I’m always alone, but it bothers me that I smile about it.

Perhaps my spirit knows something my mind cannot fathom.


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