July 6, 1996 – Saturday – 11:15 a.m.

It’s been a busy week.  Sorry I haven’t written.

I’ve been on duty since Tuesday night.  Tony, the Director of Financial Aid, asked me to watch his dog for him this week, so I’ve been sleeping over at his house on Faculty Drive while he was away.  The Dog’s name is Balki, we had fun.

Allen and I went to see Independence Day on the Fourth of July.  Great movie.  Very funny.

I rented Leaving Las Vegas and Dead Man Walking.  Good acting in Leaving Las Vegas, but a terrible movie.  Dead Man Walking was absolutely wonderful.  A perfect film.

Brigadoon has opened.  I’ve been working the box office and ushering for it.  I sold lemonade during Intermission last night and talked to a customer named Emily.

Two days ago was the first Fourth of July I haven’t spent at River Birch Shopping Center in a long time.

Fishnet is this Wednesday, but I won’t be going.

Vince just called me.  I’m going to go see him at camp.

Curtis is coming up today as well.

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