July 28, 1996 – Sunday – 11:40 p.m.

A great day.

A great weekend.

We didn’t go to Deep Creek.  We stayed in the area and just took it easy.  It was great to see Vince.  He is so funny and wonderful.  We played Tennis and did some shopping.  I bought the new Rebecca St. James tape.  That music has rekindled my faith in God.  I am such a sinner.  Yet he died for me.  And he forgives me and simply says, “Go and sin no more.”

Myself, Curtis, Vince, Allen, Ellen, Marjorie, Erin, and a girl named Amber went out to eat at the Emporium Saturday night.  They did some weird little trick that one of their campers taught them about how to use only two fingers to make the table float.  It really worked and was really freaky, so much so that we stopped doing it.

Church was powerful this morning.  And this evening I took a walk to talk to God.

I’m not worthy of his love.  But he still gives it to me.  God knows me deeper than anyone.  I want to long for him like a deep hunger or thirst.  He is love.  The greatest of love.  And I give my life to him.

I give my life to you God.  I am yours.


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