December 21, 2000 – Thursday – 10:19 a.m.

And so it is tomorrow again.

Anna and I stayed up until four in the morning, just talking. We are so great together, and she will meet my mom on Saturday morning. Mom is driving up to grandma’s as I write.

Anna has one year of school remaining before she’s done with her Master’s. God, please let us know what you have planned for us for afterwards.

This is the life I live now. All time seems to run together. I have no regular schedule; I just try to be as close to Anna as possible. It is the cold weather that brings our hearts together, or just our Lord and Savior?

Each week, in between seeing Anna, I seem to pull together all the video work I need to do for church. After she meets my mom this weekend, I’ll meet her mom the following weekend. We are planning our lives together.

Thank you Lord.


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