July 3, 1997 – Thursday – 11:15 a.m.

There was an amazing thunderstorm last night.  It was so loud and very bright.

So, the thing with Vince and Laura is that they just got too close physically.  He would be rubbing her stomach and she would just push is hand further down.  This was crazy for me to hear.  I thought Laura was the most innocent and wonderful girl alive.  But look at me, Jeni and I got way too close as well.  Vince said they never went all the way, we all make mistakes.  Vince made Laura his God; he put her before the Lord.  And that always ends badly.

Last night was a bit of a confession time between Vince, Allen and I.  We confessed our sins to each other and we sharpened each other.  I was not alone and I never will be.  I may feel it sometimes, but I am never truly alone.  Those guys mean the world to me.

We prayed together last night.  We thanked God for his forgiveness and we also prayed for our future wives.  We prayed that God would keep them safe and teach each of us everything we need before we meet.

I’m so happy and excited!

God’s love is unbelievable!  A personal relationship with the creator of the universe is the only way to go through life.  It’s the only answer.  It our only hope!


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