July 26, 1996 – Friday – 1:30 p.m.

The box office was really slow yesterday.  Curtis and I became really bored that evening.  I went to hang out with Rachel Anne.  She told me about some guy she met.  Later in the evening, Curtis and I went to Macado’s in Boone to eat.  We met two girls there.  One is a skier for Lees-McRae and the other will be here in the Fall.  She is majoring in Theater.  Curtis knew the skier.  They ate with us and we all had a blast.

This morning I borrowed Sherry’s Bronco to get my license renewed.

I took the afternoon off from the box office.  I don’t get paid by the hour anyway.

Curtis and I aren’t going to Atlanta.  He realized he doesn’t have enough money.  Vince gets off tonight.  We’ve thought about spending tomorrow at Deep Creek, but we aren’t sure yet.

I’m looking forward to the Fall, simply because I know I’ll be busier.

Life is passing.

I still have the same body.

My spirit, the real me, longs to be free from this flesh.

I dream of heaven.



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