July 25, 1996 – Thursday – 1:35 a.m.

Wednesday has been fun.  I took a walk early this morning to pray and I took a picture of a spider web glistening in the morning sun.  We discussed an interesting topic in Psychology and the box office was slow today, but I enjoyed my peaceful solitude.

The youth group went to the beach this week, so there wasn’t a big crowd at church.  We discussed Proverbs 8 and I made some comments.  I heard an older gentleman behind me say, “Yeah, I agree with Jacob.”  That was good to hear.

Kate is staying at Charlie’s house while he is away at the beach.  Allen and Curtis and I hung out there and watched the Olympics.  We left and got back here around 10:30 p.m.  Curtis and I were hungry, so we went to Mel’s Diner with Melissa, Ivy, and Kenny.  We had a good time and laughed a lot.  I bought my next Book of Days notebook.

Almost 10 books.

Almost 20-years-old.

I’m alive.

This is the only time I will be on God’s green earth.

So, I’m writing it down, just in case someone down the line would like to read my small, small story.



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