December 26, 1996 – Thursday – 4:00 p.m.

I worked on Monday.  Our family had our Christmas that night.  I thought my mom would buy me a new Bible, but she got me other little stuff instead.  I told her I wanted one, so she said we may go out and look for one.

We drove up to Virginia on early Tuesday morning.  I went over to meet up with my dad and brother.  It was good to see Kevin.  After about an hour though, I was ready to leave.  I can’t believe I’m a part of them.  They are all so blind.  But I love them nonetheless.

Christmas day came and we opened presents at both sets of grandparents.  I so much enjoy my mom’s side of the family more.  They feel like my people.  We sang and actually took time to enjoy the birth of our savior.  It was great to see my cousins Alli and Hunter.  Alli is ten and Hunter is six or seven.  I hadn’t seen them in a while.

I gave each person a picture frame as a gift.  On it I wrote a little something poetic for each person.  Alli saw the one to grandpa and started making fun of it.  I laughed with her, but quickly realized she wanted one to.  We never see her, so we don’t realize she is growing up to be a young woman and doesn’t want little girl gifts any more.  I had two picture frames left, so I wrote a poem and gave one to her.  She smiled and seemed really thankful.  We later played nerf guns and board games.  Alli was easily the highlight of my Christmas of 1996.  She was full of so much joy and thankfulness.

After we opened presents, I went for a walk to the reservoir near by.  I took some pictures and prayed.  I thought and prayed for Abigail.  In fact, I’ve prayed for her every day since I drove away from Lees-McRae on the 11th.

Oh, how I long to return.


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