September 20, 1995 – Wednesday – 12:30 p.m.

Something has happened.

My brother Kevin called me yesterday.  He told me something very disturbing.  Something that brought tears to my eyes.  Something that broke my heart.  But I have my lighting class at one o’clock.  I will have to go into detail later.

However, on Monday night I called my mom and I told her to open the package from Emily.  There were clothes for Marcus in there that he had left in Florida.  And there was also a letter for me.  I was nervous, but I asked my mom to open it and she did.

I can’t remember exactly what she read to me, but Emily essentially said that she was at a loss for words and felt a little confused, but still wanted me to write her.

I already have and I’m going to mail it off today.

I have my pen pal again.

That is a good thing.

But I also have brother who is not doing  so well.  But I will begin to tell that sad story when I have more time.


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