January 1, 2000 – Saturday – 2:28 p.m.

During first sunrise of the year 2000, I stood on the shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  The fireworks at midnight were nice as well, but I wished Marie could have been with me for both epic moments.  I wished I could feel the warmth of her near me and see both of these beautiful types of lights reflect off her face.

Well, as it turns out, the world did not end and everything works fine.  All that Y2K nonsense for nothing.

Production week for my short film begins tomorrow.  We’ll shoot for a straight six days.  Uh, is my film the first film being shot in the new millennium?  The 16mm film stock was expensive, but we’re all ready to go.

Marie arrives on Tuesday and classes begin on Monday the 10th.

It is the year 2000.

And I have been redeemed!



January 29, 1999 – Friday – 8:12 a.m.

I talked to Dan and Curtis over the phone.  I must make it back to Lees-McRae on May 9th to attend their graduation.  They both seem to be doing well.  Needless to say, I miss them.

Things are good here.  I have many assignments and papers ahead of me, so I’m headed to the library today.

February is almost here.  That only means a little over three months remain the in the semester.

Not long at all.

Then, I’ll only have a year left.

Time is moving faster than it ever has before.


I’ve just been sitting here for a while.  It’s funny how, during some moments, the world makes sense, and, in others, it doesn’t.

Money hardly exists anymore.  It used to be numbers on paper, but now it is only numbers on a screen, numbers on computers, numbers in cyberspace that seem to have no value whatsoever.  We drive around in our cars like robots, and all we are buying with these useless numbers are lies.

When I was in Africa playing underneath the Milky Way, I was away from all the lies.

When I would sit in the treehouse on Hemlock Hill during a midnight snowfall, I was away from it all.

I hope the Lord comes back this year.  I don’t want to live in a world after the year 2000.  I fear things are going to get ugly, and that humans might only become more robotic.

It pains me to know that I’m a part of it all.