May 10, 1994 – Tuesday – 10:50 p.m.

There was an eclipse today, but it wasn’t big where I am.

There are 18 days of school left.  It’s hard to believe!

Today I got my pre-registration form from Lees-McRae College.  The Freshman arrive on August 28th.  That’s eight more days than I previously thought.

Another eight days!

Thank you Lord!

Tonight I went to the Skating Ranch because I heard Sharlene say she was going.  Sometimes Jenna and Tenielle go with her, but not tonight.  I tried to call them and find out, but they weren’t in.

I stayed there almost an hour, and then I left.  It wasn’t much fun without them.  I called them from the pay phone there and talked to them for a while.

Afterwards I went to the small park near where Veronica lives.  I took the trail to Jack Edwards School.  I sat there on the swing tire looking into the sky.  Veronica and I spent a special moment of our lives there on March 21, 1993.  I thought of her.

Veronica, no matter what I have said in the past, no matter what I’ve written down in these Books of Days, through out all of our experience together I do believe that I did love you just a little bit.  But a little bit was all the two of us needed.

You’re welcome, thank you, and goodbye.

After that I saw Scott at Food Lion then returned the Rollerblades to Christi’s house.

Hank and I watched a documentary on the war between the Serbs and the Muslims.  It was so hard to believe.

God, what is happening?

How can it be stopped?

I write about my world, my small small world full of my tiny thoughts about girls and about God and then I learn that something like that is happening on the other side of the globe.  

What is it like to be God?  To see my story and then to see war and every story in between?