September 7, 2000 – Thursday – 4:10 p.m.

Oh God! You are so good.

I was able to see Marcus on my way back through Greensboro on Monday. I had not seen him for over two years, so I knew I had to. He has changed.

But so have I.

All of September has been wonderful so far.

The big news is that I quit Acoustic Works yesterday. Their main business was installing fancy lights and sound equipment in bowling alleys across the country, but they eventually ran out of bowling alleys, so now they are bankrupt. The president wanted to me to follow him to a new company he is forming called MDS, but everything in my gut told me to move on. So, I guess it really was just a summer job. The money was nice while it lasted.

I will put all of my time into Forefront and telling stories there. I’m not sure how I’ll get paid, but they are eager to have me produce videos for them on a weekly basis. I’m sure I’ll be fine. God is my provider, and he is a big, wealthy God.

Tomorrow will be my last day, and I won’t even stay the whole day. I’ve already got four different short video projects in the works for Forefront, as well as another church in Northern Virginia. Time to get to work!