May 13, 1995 – Saturday – 11:00 p.m.

The day was great!

Jonathan and I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Mandy and Dana.  They are two girls from Lee Senior.  Mandy is Jonathan’s girlfriend, and well, she’s not very pretty at all.  Jonathan is a very handsome guy, yet all of the girls he’s ever had a serious relationship with I always thought were very ugly.  Dana however was beautiful.  She was a fun girl.  She laughed when I said funny things.  She said she was glad I came, so that she wouldn’t have to be alone.

The drive there was fun, we played some little car games.  We laid out in the sun and then went for a walk and ate and cruised and rode some rides at the Pavilion and then found our way to South of the Border and took some pictures.  We drove back home while lightning flashed everywhere.  I definitely got a little tan.

While eating at Pizza Hut, Mandy said that she remembers Christi saying that she had the nicest friend named Jacob who never curses or swears or used bad words of any kind.  And Mandy just then realized that I was that Jacob.  It’s true…I don’t curse.  Not only does the Bible tell us to not have unwholesome talk coming out of our mouth, I just find it so cliche, boring, unoriginal and lame.  It’s like people don’t have their own identities, so that have to copy what people say in the movies.  Anyway, the comment made me think of Christi.  I wonder what she is doing now.  May 8, 1993 was just over two years ago.

May 13, 1994 was a year ago.

Mom said Jenna and Tenielle have been trying to call me all day and were upset when they found out I went to the beach.

Church is tomorrow.

I start back at McDonald’s on Monday.

In exactly three months I will be headed back to Banner Elk.

Let the countdown begin.