June 7, 1994 – Tuesday – 3:10 p.m.

Last night while watching the kids in Bonlee, I called Jenna and Tenielle.  I asked them if they wanted to come to my graduation.  They do and their mom is coming too.

Then this morning my dad calls and said that Grandma and Grandpa have decided to come.  I told them that I didn’t have enough tickets.  They said it was okay.  They just wanted an excuse to get away, they didn’t really want to come to my graduation.  My mom tells me that I should tell Jenna and Tenielle to not come and let Grandma and Grandpa have their tickets, but there is no way.  Tenielle cancelled a beach trip with a  friend so she could come and at the moment, they are much more important in my life.

Cheryl also called me this morning and told me that Jenna called her and wanted her to call me.  Since their phone bill was so high that can’t afford to call long distance.

Anyway, they are planning a pool party for Thursday and they, of course, want me to come.  It starts at 11:00 a.m. but I called them up and told them I couldn’t get there until the afternoon since the senior picnic is also that morning.

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  That means church and then the pool party and then graduation.  I’ll be in Virginia for seven days.  Those seven days will be over before I know it and then I’ll have 70 days left.

Seventy days!

Ten weeks.

Two and a half months.

June, July, August!

Where did November, December, January, February, March, April, and May go?

I know where they went.  They went into My Book of Days.  Anything in My Book of Days means it has come and gone and a totally new day is about to begin.

Here’s to tomorrow…


January 9, 1994 – Sunday – 10:59 p.m.

The day did contain some hurt.  It hurts to think about it.

When I came into church this morning, I saw two beautiful girls:  Veronica and Sherry.

They hugged me and said, “This is our last service here.”

It hit me all at once.  All this stuff got to Shirley, so now, she is leaving too.  And taking her family, my friends, with her.  They weren’t even staying for the main service.  They were leaving after Sunday School.  I walked them out to their car and I probably hugged Veronica and Sherry ten times each.  Sure, I’ll see them again.  But it won’t be the same.  They told me to visit anytime.  And I will.

Other than that, the day was good.  The service was great.  I talked to Jenna and Tenielle a little.  It was nice.

Ryan and Amy were there in the morning.

Ryan is still beautiful.

Veronica is still beautiful.

Christi is like a shadow of the past.

These three girls meant so much to me.  Where are they now?

I recall all the events in my mind.  All the talks.  All the walks.  The innocence.

I wish I could go back, but life doesn’t work that way.

Yesterday is yesterday.  And tomorrow is still a day away.

I’m afraid I was right when I said that life is simply a collection of greetings and farewells and the love you share in-between.

I want so bad to get to know Jenna and Tenielle.  But I’m scared.  Whoever says “hello,” must one day say “goodbye.”

I don’t want to get close because my day to say goodbye is coming in eight months.

Goodbye to everyone but my God and my Book of Days.