March 16, 1995 – Thursday – 11:00 p.m.

One day closer to Sunday!

Today I washed dishes, went to work at noon, then after I got off work at 6 o’clock I called Marcus to wish him a happy birthday, but he wasn’t there.  I then called Jenna.  She is having a party tomorrow night, but I won’t be able to go; I have to work.

I miss her and Tenielle so much.  I feel like their daddy sometimes, since they don’t have one.

Take care of them Lord!

Mom got mad at us since I made a long-distance phone call, so she wouldn’t let me drive anywhere.  Mike and I went to see Outbreak tonight (he drove).  He liked the movie.  I saw a trailer for Batman Forever.  It looks cool, but Tim Burton is not directing this one.

I am looking forward to going back to Banner Elk.  I mainly just want to get away from this house and obtain my freedom again.

I would spend more time here if it wasn’t for this family.  They keep wanting me to grow up, but then they never let me.

Lord, I want to take this time to ask that you give Emily a wonderful and peaceful night’s sleep.

Goodnight Emily.