January 20, 1995 – Friday – 1:15 a.m.

Today (Thursday), has been pretty good.

I have three classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  World Civilization, Freshman Composition, and Piano.  I also spend a few hours with my work study job in the campus post office.  It was a lot of fun!

Auditions for Student-Directed One-Acts were tonight.  I was only going to audition for one: Marcie’s children’s show of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  I did okay.  I’ll find out if I got the part tomorrow.  But as I was walking back, a senior named Joey stopped me and handed me an audition sheet, wanting me to audition for a small scene he is directing later in the semester.  I did.  And then he asked me to read for the second half of the scene as well.  He really seemed to like me.  I would play an awkward virgin talking to a prostitute.  I guess that isn’t too much of a stretch for me.  The girl playing the prostitute is a super pretty girl named Penny.

Auditioning was fun.  I hope I get something.

Jeni and I got to see each other some throughout the day.  We ate all three meals together.

It snowed a little bit this evening.

Charlie is supposedly seeing this girl named Kate.  I sit next to her in World Civilization.

Charlie wrote up another RA and all the guys on the hall except for me aren’t talking to him.

This weekend Jeni and I are going to see Legends of the Fall.  Tracey and Derek might go with us.

I am having a good time.  I have my girl beside me.  I have good friends who like me.  It turns out I’m not a bad actor.  Perhaps I  have a future.

Jeni wants to be my wife.

She loves me.

She loves me.

She loves me.

We will have children together one day!

It’s good to see all of my great friends.

This day closes, but a greater one is beginning.

Another day to spend more time with Jeni.

Another day to love her.

Another day to worship Jesus.

Another day to live for him.

Then another and another.

My Book of Days.

November 18, 1993 – Thursday – 5:45 p.m.

Church was so powerful yesterday.

Sowing and reaping.  I see it now.

You get what you give.  You give what you get.  What goes around comes around.  If I need money, then I should give money.  Everything is valuable.

Thank you Jesus.  I’m going to apply this to my life.

After tomorrow comes Friday.  I’m so excited.  A year ago, I had never heard of Les Miserables.  But Friday, I’m seeing it.  After school, Jonathan is picking me up from school and we’re going to meet Tim and Nana at the church at 4:00 p.m.  Then we’re going to Raleigh.  

We had an extra ticket.  I asked Ryan, but it turns out Jonathan is going instead.

Les Miserables is the most perfect story.  Thank you Lord for letting me see it.

Friday is just around the corner.