April 15, 1995 – Saturday – 1:20 a.m.

It’s been a long day!  To me it is still Friday, so I will refer to it as such.

I went out to eat with Dan, Charlie, and Jaime today.  We ate at The Parson’s Table in Historical Jonesboro, Tennessee.  Dan works there and had a $50 gift certificate to help cover the cost for all of us, but it was still an expensive lunch.  Amazing meal though.  The restaurant is beautiful.  It’s in this old church.

After lunch we went out to Dan’s place.  Dan is 25-years-old.  He is from Oregon and currently attending Emmanuel School of Religion in Johnson City.  He arrived here about two weeks before I did.  He stays at a house with four other guys who attend Emmanuel.  He lives out in the country in Eastern Tennessee.  It was so beautiful out there today.  The three of them talked summer business for the youth group.  I went for a walk while they did that for their back yard is a huge mountain.

I found a trail and followed it a little ways.  The trees are beginning to bloom.  It was so beautiful.

Dan’s hobby is photography.  He’s very good at it.  I saw several of his photo albums.  I realized that there is so much I don’t know and so much I haven’t seen.  When he came to school here, he drove all the way from Oregon to Eastern Tennessee.

Do you realize how much of America that is?  I’ve seen so little of America.

Dan went to work and on the way back home we stopped at Milligan College to simply look at it.  It was a beautiful school.  I saw a student walking on the sidewalk by himself.  I realized that he had loved somebody in his past.  And at the same time he was walking, there was a girl on that campus thinking of another guy on that campus.  Somebody is falling in love with someone else on that campus right now.

Every student has their own story to tell.

When Charlie and I got back to Lees-McRae we had a water gun fight.  We both soaked each other.  We went to see Tommy Boy later on.  It was funny, but Act Ventura and Billy Madison were funnier.

Charlie really is just a big baby.  Tonight he did everything just to get his way.  It hurts a lot.  He puts me down and doesn’t even know he is doing it.  He thinks that Performing Arts is a waste of my college life.  He just doesn’t see me.

I complement him all the time, about how good of a preacher he is and about how I value you him as my brother in Christ.  But he just tosses me around.  And I let him.

Perhaps he will see me one day.

The guy who lives across the hall from me is named Mike.  Tonight, around midnight he and I went to see the Brown Mountain Lights.  It is supposedly an unexplainable natural phenomenon.  During the day you see nothing, but when you look towards that ridge at night you see what looks like a flashing city, but it is only trees.  Some say they are UFOs, others say they are the spirits of dead Indians.

There are so many mysteries on this earth that cannot be explained.

And truthfully…I think Emily and I are one of them.

I love you Emily.


November 6, 1994 – Sunday – 11:25 p.m.

The weekend is over.  Bummer.  I had a lot of fun this weekend.

Yesterday, Jeni and Tracey and I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Craig, Jeni’s old youth pastor, and his wife, Coletta, were there to take their youth group on a fall retreat.  They rented a chalet.  Jeni had directions so after hanging around in Gatlinburg, we drove up to the Chalet.  They were out, so we just waited.  The sun had set and it was dark.  While we were waiting Jeni heard some weird noises, so she walked down the driveway to see what it was.  I just sat on the porch.

Suddenly Jeni was running up the drive way screaming, “Jacob, it’s a bear!  Jacob, it’s a bear!”  She was scared to death.  I went down to see it, but only caught a glimpse of him as he walked off the driveway and into the woods.

Finally, the group came.  I played basketball with the guys and we all ate spaghetti for dinner.  The girls got a kick out of me since I laughed at everything.

I enjoyed myself.

Craig and Coletta are really great and I see them in the way I saw Jason, Christi’s brother, my youth pastor before Shurby.

We left that night and got back around 2:00 in the morning.

Jeni and I ate breakfast together then went to church.  Tracey didn’t go to Sunday School with us, she just went to the worship service.  I love holding Jeni’s hand in church.  She is so delicate.

Mr. Angel was out of town so he asked Jeni and I to lead the Sunday School lunch.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Today I had to run props for a rehearsal of The Dining Room.  It was fun.  I enjoyed myself.

Tonight I was lying next to Jeni in her bed while she was studying.  I fell asleep and then started talking in my sleep.  Jeni and Tracey both laughed their head off.

Brandon called me today.  I wasn’t in, so he left me a message.  He sounds like he is doing okay out in Arizona.  I really hope I can visit him soon.  I’ve never been out west.  It’s been almost two years since he left.

In one week I will be back from visiting home.  I wonder how I will feel.  I feel so honored to take Jeni home with me.  I know everyone will love her.

Who couldn’t?

She loves to serve me.  She likes to get me dessert in the cafeteria and to refill my drink.  She takes care of me.

Thank you for her Lord.  Please keep us together.