June 29, 1995 – Thursday – 9:25 p.m.

I worked over 10 hours today.

I came home and laid in my bed and did nothing.  I finally got up and fixed myself something to eat.  I got on the phone and dialed Michelle’s number.

She wasn’t there.

I talked to her brother.

It was very strange.  My voice was in her house.  I found in joy in that.

Stranger Unaware is a play on the words of Hebrews 13:2.  I am writing this screenplay, because I desperately want it to be a reality.  I need a special friend.

June 28, 1995 – Wednesday – 10:10 p.m.

I forgot to tell you that I talked to Syndi Monday night over the phone.  She is doing okay and she can’t decide whether or not she is going to stay at home or return to Lees-McRae.  I have a hunch though that she will come back to school.  I need her there.  May 7, 1995 was simply too wonderful of a night to never see her again.

I also talked to James over the phone and I called Crystal, Clifton, and Leslie.  I miss them all.  James was as funny as ever.

Forty-seven more days.

I sat next to Tenielle at church tonight.  She is the greatest!  She smiles at me all the time.

I pray we never say goodbye.

If I could keep her by my side at all times, I would.

Goodnight Tenielle.

. . .

I came up with an idea for a screenplay today.  I will try to begin working on it.

I believe it would be titled Stranger Unaware.

I’ll keep you posted.