June 4, 1994 – Saturday – 10:20 p.m.

Each Saturday appears to contain a story all its own.

I didn’t go to band practice this morning and skit practice was cancelled because hardly anyone showed up.  It was Cheryl’s fault.  She forgot to call everyone.

So, it was just Cheryl and I.  I left and went to visit Veronica’s family.  They’re doing great!  Marcus and Kevin weren’t with me this morning.  I was alone.

I went over to Scott’s and talked to Jenna and Tenielle on the phone.  They were coming to youth group tonight; I called just to make sure.

Scott and I went to the music store in town and played on the piano and keyboards.

Then we came all the way back to my house to get Kevin and Marcus.

Something happened at youth group tonight.  We began speaking about the End Times and the way everyone was talking, it just seemed like I was running out of time for my dreams to come true.  It made me doubt everything I’ve ever done.  But Shurby prayed for me and I prayed after I came home.

The Lord told me that no man knows the hour in which He will return, and that God still has His hand on my life.

I felt better.

Tonight I wasn’t my usual self because of that.  I only looked at the future.  Also tonight, I looked at my beautiful Jenna, and although I was looking at the future, my heart still had a hunger for her in the present.

Then, in my heart, I searched for her in the future, but all I found was a wonderful memory.  A memory that would stick as close to me as she feels to me now.

“Friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them.”

Eighty-five days.