December 4, 1994 – Sunday – 2:30 p.m.

Church was okay this morning, but the weird thing is that my roommate hasn’t been here in about two weeks.  I don’t know where he is.

It’s already December.  Christmas is in 21 days.  Wow!!

Everything is great.

Truthfully, I have no idea what to write about in my journal today.  Jeni is in Ballet class right now.  I love her so much.  She is my best friend.  I want to be with her forever.  I want to hold her and comfort her.  In everything I do is seems part of me is thinking about her.

She was emotional last night.  Jeni wants to be my wife.  She lets me know that.  Yet sometimes she thinks too much and last night she said she thought I wanted to be a filmmaker more than I wanted to be her husband.  I told her I wanted both, but if I had to choose I would choose her.

I wish I could try to describe to you how I feel about her.  When I look into her blue-gray eyes I see myself, but I also see Jesus. They are so deep, so bright.  God knew what he was doing when he created her and he also know how much she would mean to me when he created her.  We are so close.  We hold each other for so long and just look into each other’s eyes.  I love kissing her.  I don’t ever want to kiss another girl.

When all my days are over, I want to say the only girl I ever kissed was my Jeni.

She says that she hopes I can say the same thing.  She never wants to kiss another guy.

We have a perfect relationship.

Thank you Lord.

September 14, 1994 – Wednesday – 6:17 p.m.

I got a letter from Emily today and I sent Veronica a birthday card.  Tonight I have to help lay the dance floor after my Mattress rehearsal.

Kristin called me this morning; just to talk.  She’s doing great.  My Alpha class meets today, so that only leaves me about two hours for all of the homework I have to do.  Each day seems to pass so quickly.

My roommate left this past Friday afternoon for a court date.  He was supposed to be back Monday night.  It is now Wednesday evening.  Some guys on the hall say he is in jail, something about a fake I.D. underage drinking situation back home.  There was even a warrant for his arrest.  It looks like I may have a single room after all.

I’m getting ready to go to a study session and then to rehearsal.

Something happened today.  I saw a girl.  I don’t know her name and I don’t know her, but she caught my eye like no one else has since I arrived here at Lees-McRae College: my new home.