May 1, 1994 – Sunday – 4:00 p.m.

Not many people were at church this morning.  They were all sleeping.

I don’t really know where to begin.  On the way to Carowinds, I sat with Scott some and then with Jenna some.  Some people rode in cars, but I was on the bus.  The people I went around with were Jenna, Tenielle, Wayne, Kiesha (Jenna and Tenielle’s friend), Joseph, Joel, Jonathan, Sara, and Scott.  I believe that was all.  We did the craziest things.  We would point up in the air and all the people who would walk by would look up, and there would be nothing there.

So funny.

Everyone acted “Er.”  Er, by the way, is a word Brandon came up with that means totally whacked.  Jenna kept on giving me wedgies. We didn’t really meet many new people.  I talked to this small girls chorus a little, but that was all.

When we were standing in line under the swings, I asked little Joseph if he had ever read Under the Swings by Seymour Butts.  The boy immediately busted out laughing and kept saying, “See more butts!  See more butts!”  Everyone was looking at him.

We did the George things a few times, where we would just shout out George’s name and point.  George is sort of an imaginary friend of the whole youth group.  A bit of an inside joke.

Jenna kept on tapping strangers on the shoulder, they would turn around and the she would turn and walk the other way.

The only concerts I went to were Cindy Morgan and Petra.  I got Cindy Morgan’s autograph on a napkin.  She shook my hand too!

Petra was awesome!  You can’t get any better than them.  I was with Tim, Kevin, and Sherry at the concert.  Everyone else was sitting in the back.  Thankfully, we were near the front.

On the way home, I sat with Scott.  We were both in Er moods and laughed the whole way home.

Scott and I went down the water pipes in a tube together.  Since Scott is really big and I’m really skinny, we about flipped.  

Dang!  I had a good time.  It’s good to be alive!

When Cindy Morgan shook my hand, I told her my favorite song of hers was “I Will Be Free.”  She said, “Oh yes, if we would have had more time, I would have sung that.”

She is a beautiful woman.

April 30th, 1994!

One of the best days of my life.

One year after Veronica and I saw “Into the Woods.”

Two years since Shurby came and had his first revival service at our church.

What will the next April 30th bring?  Where will I be?  Whom will I be with?

Will I be at my home here in Mt. Vernon Springs, North Carolina?  I call it my home, but sometimes I feel as if my home is truly somewhere else.

Will I be at my church?  A building full of so many found memories.  My church often feels more like my home than my own house.

Well, time to do the dishes before I go back for the evening service.

April 28, 1994 – Thursday – 4:45 p.m.

The Carman concert was great.  I was too young to be an usher so Wayne and I got seats on the second row.  It was amazing!  Jonathan and Marcus came in later and sat with us.  Some people from the church were there too.  And shockingly, we ran into Christi and Amy, they were with two other friends.

They didn’t sit with us.

When Christi was at church, I could always hear her sing.  Tuesday night, Carman had all the girls sing one part of a song.  Christi’s voice was there, but it didn’t stand out.  She blent in with the thousands of other girls I didn’t know.

Wednesday night was cool.  I sat next to Jenna and put ink marks all over her leg.  She was wearing shorts.

She got me back.

They are going to Carowinds on Saturday.

I don’t know if Kevin is or not.

It’s going to be so much fun.

Petra and Cindy Morgan!  Can you believe it!

I’ve been lifting weights.  I’m tired.

Marcus says that Saturday he is going to find a whole other crowd to hang with.  I know what he means, but I have a whole new world coming in four months, so I will take the time I have with this crowd.  Christian Music Day at Carowinds is just one big youth fest.  So many churches, so many youth groups, so many beautiful girls who love the Lord.  

Perhaps I’ll meet one of them.

April 26, 1994 – Tuesday – 7:00 a.m.

It is in the morning.  I missed the bus, but mom will take me to school.

Jonathan is picking Marcus and I up after school and we are going to the Carman concert.  I don’t know if any of the other young people from church are going.  It will be fun.  The last time I went to a Carman concert was in September of 1992 with Jason, Anne, Christi, Ryan, Amy, Cheryl and Jonathan.

Jonathan flirted.  What else is new?

I liked Ryan then.  That was long ago.  Brandon was even there, but we went earlier because his mom was signing the concert (you know, sign language).  It was a lot of fun.

Two months ago I saw DC Talk in concert.  In four days I will see Petra and Cindy Morgan.

Thank you Lord.

Oh, Sunday night I told Jenna and Tenielle a joke.  And the three of us all laughed together.  Perhaps we will laugh together again.

I checked and Lees-McRae College is 170 miles from where I live.  Kevin’s college is 54 miles from here.  He comes home every weekend.  It’s kind of like he never even left.  I won’t have the same story.  I doubt I’ll hardly ever come home.

April 14, 1994 – Thursday – 7:40 p.m.

Four days have passed since my last entry.  

Church was awesome Wednesday night.  Allan taught.  Dang, he is good!

I sat next to Tenielle, she is back to her regular self again.  I don’t know what was wrong with her this past Sunday.

There are 36 days of school left.  Time has been flying.

I have to watch those kids tomorrow night after work.

I got the pictures developed today.  They’re pretty good.

Overall, things are going okay.  We have skit practice this weekend.

On April 26th, we’re suppose to go see Carman and on April 30th we’re suppose to go to Carowinds for Christian Music Day!!

Petra and Cindy Morgan will be there!

March 28, 1994 – Monday – 7:45 p.m.

It rained all day, but it was a great day nonetheless.

I’m listening to Petra right now!

There are 44 days of school left.  That’s not a lot at all.  April is almost here.  The Lord is preparing me for college.  I’ve been here too long.  I’ve grown too comfortable.  

Church is changing.  I’m not sure if I told you that or not.  It all starts April 10th.  Church will start at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays and there will be no more Sunday School.  Children’s Church is now called Faith Street and it starts at 10:30 a.m. as well.  I think I’ll help with Faith Street every other Sunday, doing puppets and skits and stuff.

Youth Group will start at 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and it will be more of a fellowship gathering and less preaching.  All of this is supposed to help the church grow.  I like it.

It’s funny how the church is growing and changing right when I’m getting ready to leave.  I told my mom that last night.  Her reply shocked me.  She said, “Well Jacob, you had to be there to keep certain things together during the bad times.”

It made me think.

What would this church be like if I hadn’t been going there for the past six years?  Did I affect it that much?

I’ll probably never know.  And I don’t need to know.  The Lord will take care of me.  I came to this church right after the church got a youth pastor after not having one for a year.  I’ve been here from the beginning.  So had Christi’s family, but they are gone now.

I’m going to bed early tonight.  I have two tests tomorrow, but I’ll study for them tomorrow.  Right now I’m going to sleep in the wonderful peace of Jesus.