September 4, 1994 – Sunday – 11:50 p.m.

Tonight after I ushered I Do, I Do, James and I, plus a bunch of people I don’t really know, went to Subway and just fooled around.   The other people’s names were Kurt, Lulu, Katie, and some other girl.  I guess I had fun.  

But what I did tonight I used to do with other people.  And they are not here with me.

At one time, I wanted so desperately to get away; off on my own.

But now I see that what I really wanted was to get away and bring them with me.

July 8, 1994 – Friday – 7:50 a.m.

I just got back from the shower.  Yesterday, before I went to the Fish Bowl, I went on a little nature trail to the Shenandoah River and then climbed the side of a mountain in my sandals that Danny and Peter bought me in India.  That wasn’t an easy task.

Last night D&K performed and before that I saw ETW.

This place is awesome!  Something is happening to me.  I’ve started seeing clearer.  Thank you Jesus.

As for the people I’m here with, well, I’ve met some new people.  This little girl who looks like Nate likes me, but she complains and gets on my nerves like Misty.  I had a good conversation with Kristen, a 25-year-old married woman.  And then there’s Hannah, a pretty girl I assumed was 17, but no, she’s only 13.  It seems like there are girls like that everywhere.  Anyway, she’s sweet.

I bought Tenielle a little card with her name on it.  She’s been wanting to know what her names means.

Two more days of this and then I’ll go back home.  This is a learning experience; to help me remember.