August 20, 2000 – Sunday – 5:00 p.m.

Yesterday we just went to the beach instead of going up to the Eastern Shore.  And once we got there, I left the group and began walking north.  I eventually arrived to Fort Story and saw the lighthouses, and then, far in the distance, I saw a beautiful girl in a bright yellow bikini run into the waves.  She was instantly more beautiful to me when I realized she was alone.  Far up near the remains of an old fort, I saw her towel and bag where she  had made her sunbathing spot.  There was not a soul around, except for me walking by.

She kept swimming, and I kept walking.

I turned around after a while, and when I walked back by she was lying in her spot up near the fort.

Everything in me wanted to stop and talk, but I walked past and then paused to ponder the notion more intently before I was too far away.  The waves tickled my feet.  A dolphin swam in the distance.  I wanted so badly to talk with the girl who was content to be alone.

I wondered about all the elements of who she might be deep in her soul.  But, I never found out if any of them were true.  Instead, I picked up a seashell to keep as a memento.  It will forever remind me of the blonde sunbather in whom I saw a bit of myself.

Thank you, whoever you are.