April 4, 1994 – Monday – 4:30 p.m.

It’s Christian Skate Night!

Kenny is going and he invited Becca and Rebecca.  In case you don’t remember, I used to like Rebecca.  She is the Swedish foreign exchange student and as far as I know Kenny and I will meet them at school at 6:30 p.m.  Kenny also invited Lisa and a lot of other people.

I just got off the phone with Tenielle.  She said she had a letter for me.  She told me what she did today and she said she would talk to me some more tonight.  In the letter I wrote her, I complemented her on her eyes and her beauty and how nice she is, etc.  Last night at church, I can’t explain it, but something was there while she sat next to me.  She kept looking at me and smiling.  She hugged me about three times and she put her arm around me once.

Also last night I went up to Megan’s little sister and asked her to give me a massage.  She gives a great massage.  Tenielle and Jenna walked in and I saw Tenielle look at me weird.  Jenna came over to us and asked us me if I asked her to give me a massage.  I said yes.  At that point I figured it was time to go.

I went up to Tenielle and she gave me another hug, I walked them outside, said goodbye and Marcus and I left.

I hope tonight goes well.  Veronica will be there and I hope she doesn’t get in the way.  It will be an interesting night.  A night that will soon only be memories.

I also might see Christi tonight since I have to take the Roller Blades back afterwards.

Well, I’m going to go find something to eat.  And when I get back here tonight I will tell you what happened.