January 17, 1994 – Monday – 10:20 p.m.

Marcus came over today and he said he needed to talk to me.  He needed to talk to me about Cheryl.  For a while now Cheryl has been telling me things about how Marcus has been showing her a lot of attention.  Well Marcus knows that Cheryl has told me all of these things because he has seen Cheryl talk to me.  Well he tells me he really likes Cheryl and that he wants a relationship with her.


I just told him that Cheryl mentioned it to me.  But the truth is Cheryl told me a lot about it.

Cheryl called me about two hours ago and she said Marcus called her and she had to break his heart.  She said it was the hardest thing she ever did.

Another chapter for Marcus.  He got hurt again.

Around 4:15 I called Jenna and Tenielle.  When I woke up this morning I told myself not to call them, but I did anyway.  They’re doing well.  I love the way they laugh, I found myself laughing that way earlier.  Tenielle bought me a Snickers yesterday, when I was taking them home.  Jenna asked me how long I had known her yesterday.  I wish I could relive that drive again. Oh, and I found out that they left church last night because Shar got sick.

Today, I just told them about some crazy stuff from my past.  Cheryl, Kevin, and Marcus, won’t let me see the end of this thing with Jenna and Tenielle.  They keep picking on me.  I sort of enjoy it, but we are only friends.  But how far can a friendship go before it’s considered more than a friendship?

I hope I don’t find out, but then I hope I do.

Jacob, Jacob…control your emotions.  You’re letting this go to your head.