September 4, 1997 – Thursday – 10:00 a.m.

It’s been a year now since that wonderful moment when I rode in Sharon’s truck with Hannah asleep in my lap.  Vince and Laura were beginning a relationship that is nearly ruined now.

Fall auditions are over and I got the lead role in The Misanthrope.  Pretty exciting I guess.  Thanks God!

The Misanthrope may be the last show I do here at Lees-McRae.  I’m directing a one-act next semester and I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to be in the next show in the spring, but we’ll see.

While here, I’ve played a singing knight in Once Upon A Mattress, a nervous messenger in Antigone, a gay orderly in Bearclaw, a grumpy old man in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and a lovesick speech therapist in Children of a Lesser God.

The only experience I had prior to Lees-McRae was church drama.  It’s safe to say that college has taught me much.


June 19, 1997 – Thursday – 11:37 p.m.

Vacation Bible School has both begun and ended since my last entry.  I was in charge of the dramatic elements.  I wrote a play and played the main character.  It went well.  The kids seemed to love it.  This evening Vince and I went over to Sharon’s.  Hannah and I played a lot of games.  Simple fun!

Four years ago on this historic day, I was saying goodbye to Emily at Deep Creek near Bryson City, NC.  There are some things in life that can’t be explained.  Emily is one of them.  She is my life’s great mystery.

May 30, 1997 – Friday – 5:31 p.m.

Last night Vince, Allen, Laura, Sharon, and Bob and I went to Hannah’s graduation from Crossnore Elementary School.  Crossnore is a public school, yet they handed out Bibles to the 5th grade class and said prayers throughout the service all night long.  They even pray every morning there.  It’s so nice to know there are still small corners of America that remain untouched by the world around them.

The program was great and it’s so awesome to see Hannah growing up right before my eyes.  I feel like I’ve been a part of her life.  She just lights up when she sees me.  She’s the greatest!

Nearly a year ago I was at another graduation:  Lee Senior for Ryan and Christi.  Christi is now covered in 2nd degree burns and Ryan is supposedly 17 miles down the mountain at App. State, but I have yet to see her.

I have not seen the sun for the past week.  We’ve been covered with rain clouds.

One more day remains in May.  1997 is nearly half over.

Sherry won’t be here this summer.  She left after the first semester last year.  Jeni, however, is doing the first summer theater show.  She says she wants to move here permanently.

Hmm.  Some leave and never say goodbye, and others you can’t seem to say goodbye to.

I really miss the Internet.  The computer lab isn’t open for summer classes yet.  I miss chatting with MovieMark.

I’m going to try to return to Siler City in the middle of July to see Rebecca St. James in concert.

And then I turn 21 nearly a month later.

November 26, 1996 – Tuesday – 2:30 p.m.

We are in the air right now.  It’s a small propeller jet.  Vince is across the aisle from me.  I’m drinking sprite and eating peanuts.  We’re above the clouds.  I’m flying again.

Sharon, Laura, and Hannah drove us here.  They are perhaps the three most beautiful women on the planet.  May I always have those faces in my life.

We land in Pittsburgh, then fly to Islip, NY.  I’m excited.

January 18, 1996 – Thursday – 11:58 p.m.

Well, some good things have happened.  Church was really great Wednesday night.  On my way there, Curtis ran over my ankle, but I’m okay.  Laura sat next to me and we had fun during the service.

At FCA that night the Lord gave me a really cool devotion and everyone seemed to get something out of it.

Today, I dropped my Accounting class.  It was just really annoying m.e  I feel really good about it.  I got $86 back for the books.

We went to Sharon’s tonight for Bible Study.  It should be every Thursday now.  We had a really good time.  Sharon taught me so much.  She is the truest woman I have ever known.  We watched the recording of the Christmas show at church.  It brought back memories.

Hannah showed me the script of the show.  She said she was never going to throw it away and keep it until the day she died.  That touched me.

At church, one mother told me that her little daughter Frankie who was in the play says a special pray for me every night.

Laura and Hannah and all of us McAlister Hall guys are going over to Crystal’s on Sunday after church to have a little get together.  Morrell heard us talking about it so she might come.

Vince and Melissa aren’t together anymore.  She is going back with her old boyfriend.  Poor Vince.  She did him wrong.  I don’t understand girls.  He’ll be fine I’m sure.

After I got back to my room there was a message from Sharon on my voicemail.  She said, “This is your mother calling to make sure you got through the storm safely.  Call me when you get in.”

I’ve never smiled so big.


December 16, 1995 – Saturday – 11:30 p.m.

Our opening night was tonight.

Our last performance is tomorrow night.

The show went really well.  The place was packed and everyone complemented me.

We had rehearsal this morning and then I went with Sharon, Hannah, and Megan to Boone where we went shopping, ate lunch, and saw Toy Story.  I had the greatest time.  Sharon is really nice and she tells me all the time how wonderful a Christian I am and how much I mean to her and other people.  Hannah and Megan were so much fun.  Just two little 10-year-olds without a care in the world.

Afterwards, when I came back here and had dinner with Crystal and Leslie, we went to the show and had a wonderful time performing.  When the show was over, Crystal and Leslie and I played cards up here in Clifton’s room.  They were goofing around and simply being free.  It amazed me.

I mean look at today.

Me, a lanky little boy who grew up in a crossroads called Mt. Vernon Springs, came to this mountain community knowing nothing nor anyone.

And now, in a year and a half’s time, I have found a home.

I feel very comfortable in this house.  I feel so comfortable over at Sharon’s house, and Marty and Stan’s house.

A whole church who backed me up to help me create a marvelous little show.

Before the show started tonight, I recognized about ten people who helped me with this production.  At the end, Pastor Jim said that I mentioned a lot of people but I forgot to mention myself.  So, he did it for me and everyone clapped.

I have come so far.

My mother, stepfather, and Nate come tomorrow.  Kevin cannot make it.  He has an appointment with Pastor Steve about Tenielle, John, and himself.  I talked to him today.

So, about 24 hours from now, I will travel away to a new and different world.  I pray that the Lord use me there to heal some broken hearts.  I can’t wait to see Mike and try to find Jonathan.

A new and old adventure awaits.

March 4, 1995 – Saturday – 6:00 p.m.

Another weekend!

The concert was pretty good last night.  The only people who came from G.A.G. were guys.  There was a basketball game going on for the high school, so that’s where a lot of the girls and some of the guys were.  Clifton was there though and I got to sit next to him.

The Laser Tag arena was booked, so we just stayed at the church.  We rented Maverick, but before we watched it, we toilet papered the new pastor’s house as a sort of welcome.  I had lot’s of fun!

It was six in the morning by the time I went to sleep.

After a few hours of sleep, we all had breakfast at Peggy’s and then went to see Jim, the pastor.  He was outside cleaning up the toilet paper, and he was laughing.  He has a great sense of humor.

Clifton, Trae, Jamie, Jim, and Charlie and I played basketball down in the old gym.  I didn’t play that well, but then again, I never do.  Despite being tall, I’m horrible at basketball.

Pastor Jim went home and then we all just hung around in my room and Charlie’s room.  Then later, after they had left, Charlie and I drove over to Sharon’s.  Everyone was there, except for Bob.

Laura said nothing to me.  I suppose February 10th is the closest I will get to my dream.  And that will do.

Hannah baked some cookies for me.  They were yummy.  We ate Tacos and then Charlie and I came back.

The Lion King came out on video yesterday and Hannah is going to invite me over when she gets it.

I got Veronica’s new phone number this morning and I called them.  They live in Arkansas now.  They moved out there the beginning of October.  I talked to Brittany and Scott.  Shirley was asleep and Veronica and Sherry were at cheerleading tryouts.

They have my number now.  Maybe they will call back.

I also talked to my mom today over the phone.  She refreshed my memory.  Although I want to go home for spring break and see all my friends, I know that most of the time I’ll be stuck at home.  I don’t want to work, but I probably will.  Everyone else will be in school.  I also won’t have a car.  But I have no where else to go, so that’s what I will do for spring break.

And that is also where I came from.  Thank you Lord for my home.  And teach me to be more thankful for my family.

Today, as Charlie and I were driving back from Sharon’s, I looked at the beautiful mountains and listened to the soft music that was playing.  And just like the days back in Siler City and Sanford, these days here at my home in Banner Elk may be some of the greatest days I will ever know.

January 31, 1995 – Tuesday – 11:17 p.m.

January is over.

February is beginning.

Only 11 more months in 1995.

Time flies.

Sunday afternoon, while Jeni was dancing, Charlie, Jason, and I went to Sharon’s house.  Little Hannah and I played Super Nintendo and then watched The Land Before Time.  It was wonderful to be away from campus and live around a family for a few hours.  I had a blast!

Thanks for being with me Lord.