April 28, 1994 – Thursday – 10:55 p.m.

Oh boy!

After I watched Christy on TV, Marcus and Kenny and I went out to eat at Golden Corral.  And when Kenny went up to pay for the meal, he told the person that it was my birthday; which it is not!  I couldn’t believe it.  

They brought me out a sundae and sang happy birthday to me.  One of the girls goes to my school and she told me I had to stand up in the chair when they sang.  I did, but then she said that the always try to get the birthday guy or girl to stand up in the chair and they never do, I was the first.  I’m gullible I guess, but it wasn’t even my birthday, so the joke’s on them.

We had the biggest laugh.  Kenny is the funniest guy!

After tomorrow there are 25 days of school left.  My dad called me tonight.  He is doing well.

Well, goodnight.