March 2, 1998 – Monday – 2:40 p.m.

March has begun!

The last day of February was spent in Rock Hill, South Carolina and I had a fantastic time.  I got so much closer to God this weekend.  He is doing an amazing work in me.

We got back early Sunday morning.  Church was great and the cafeteria food even tasted better.  Sarah returned from her trip to Charlotte with the Highlanders that night.  She has a cast on right foot.  She broke her ankle on Thursday playing frisbee.  Poor girl.  But she is still smiling.

Last night, after my Next rehearsal, I spent nearly two hours talking with Mason Davis.  He is a great guy.  So many people can’t figure him out, but he told me so much about himself and how he thinks and see the world last night.  We really bonded.

After talking with him, I went went to see Sarah before visitation hours ended.  I told her about the weekend and how Lindy wanted to be baptized and asked Abigail and I to do it.  We did, everyone cheered, it was the best!  Sarah and I just snuggled and talked, it was so nice to be close to her again and to hold her.  She whispered sweet words of love in my ear.  Other people came in and out of her room and we just had so much fun.  She was eating some noodles and we even recreated the pasta scene from Lady and the Tramp.  Funny!

What an awesome girl I have.  What an awesome God there is.  And it’s only going to get better from here.

July 6, 1995 – Thursday – 10:05 p.m.

I got paid today.

So, I went to Asheboro.  A storm came up and slowed me down, but I made my way through it.  Thunderstorms occur every evening here.

In Asheboro, I bought $33 worth of T-shirts, boxers, and socks.  I watched Pocahontas and then met up with Mike and his dad to see Judge Dredd.  I enjoyed The Lion King much more than Pocahontas, but I like Pocahontas for mainly one reason, Pocahontas herself.  I know she is only a cartoon, but she is beautiful.  Inside and out.

Banner Elk is in 38 days.

Crestview is in 28.

Deep Creek in 20.

Fishnet in 6.

June 24, 1995 – Saturday – 9:50 p.m.

A lot of little things happened yesterday, both at work and at home.  I finally got a letter from Syndi.  She wants advice.  She doesn’t know whether she should come back to school or not.

As for work, I ran the drive-thru.  A beautiful young girl named Toni backed me up.  She is a swing manager, about 21-years-old, and a couple of weeks ago, a woman who came through the drive-thru saw her and asked her if she ever considered modeling.  Long story short, that woman was a modeling agent and Toni is now modeling.  She is still getting her portfolio together.  She was talking to me yesterday about getting a tattoo.  She was going to go to the same place Jonathan got his nose pierced.  We talked about the place on Yadkin Ave. in Fayetteville and then she asked me if I would like to go with her on Monday.  I told her that I had to work though.  It was good to know she thought of me.

So, time passed and we continued to talk.  And I was shocked to find out she is married and she is a mother.  Her husband is a truck driver and is never home.  He has been sleeping around on her, so she tells me that sex is no longer fun with him after three years of marriage.

This beautiful woman is telling me all of this as I hand out bags of food to every human soul that drives by my window.  I felt sorry for her.  She seems happy, but she deserves better.

Then during lunch time, I ran fries.  While dropping them into the vat, I looked up and saw a familiar face come in the door, but this face did not exist in this world.  Not this world, but from the world I will return to on August 14th.  He was a fellow student on my hall, his name is Eric, and he walked into my McDonald’s on his way to Raleigh.  I went out into the lobby and shook his hand.  We said a few words and he was equally surprised to see me.  He’s actually going to be right next to me.  I’ll be in room 206 and he’ll be in room 208.

After work yesterday, Kevin and I went over to Danny and Peter’s to watch Scent of a Woman.  It was great; very interesting.

Then Friday ended with Kevin and I having a long talk.  He is my great brother.  He has a good spirit.  He wants to do right.  And  I love him.

I worked for eight hours today and then Jonathan and Kevin and I went to the Asheboro Zoo.  Jonathan met a girl at the mall last weekend.  Her name is Misty and she works at the zoo.  She gave us all free passes.  We stayed a few hours and then Kevin and I went shopping, got a bite to eat, and then saw Pocahontas.  I liked it.  It was beautiful and Pocahontas herself was beautiful.


In all the recent Disney films, except The Lion King, two people from different worlds fall in love.  Perhaps the same is happening with Emily and I.

I don’t know what Jonathan is doing.  Mandy still sees him as her boyfriend, yet he says he is seeing both Mandy and Misty.

He is with Misty right now and was with her last night.  Last night he didn’t get home until seven in the morning.

Please protect him Lord.

In six days July will be here.

In six months it’s Christmas

In six years…

January 29, 1995 – Sunday – 1:45 a.m.

When I say “today” I mean Saturday.

I slept in this morning.

Jason, as I believe I told you, dropped out of school early in the semester.  College just wasn’t doing anything for him.  He is here until Thursday to visit.

Jeni had been dancing most of the morning, but I met her for lunch.  Charlie was taking his junior high school youth group to see The Jungle Book today.  He asked me to go with him.  I told Jeni I was going to go and asked her if she wanted to come along.  She said should didn’t want to and would use the time to be alone and do her homework.

After lunch, she went back to dancing and Jason and I went up to Kristi’s room to play Donkey Kong Country.  

I rode with Jason to Boone to go see the movie and we listened to Ray Boltz on the way.

The movie was a lot of fun.  It was Disney’s live action attempt at the book.  But I prefer the animated one.  The music is awesome.

We ate at Taco Bell then came back to campus.

It was nice to see Jeni this evening.  She was a little sick so we just watched ice skating on TV.

I called Kevin tonight.  He is going great, but his grades are horrible.

I do love my brother.

December 4, 1994 – Sunday – 1:15 a.m.

Jeni and I went to a movie in Boone today (Saturday), but first we went to go visit with Dana from the High Falls youth group.  She attends App. State.  We talked a lot and played Taboo for a few hours.  It was a blast!

Disney re-released The Lion King for the Holiday Season, so Jeni and I went to that.  I love that movie so much.  Jeni had never seen it.  She cried.

I thought of Deep Creek; slowly but surely I am discovering and remembering.

We ate at Wendy’s afterwards and then went back home.

It was a great day.  An unbelievable day.

I am in love with Jeni.

That is what consumes my thoughts.

It is difficult to write about anything else.