March 18, 1997 – Tuesday – 10:40 p.m.

I was invited to a special dinner tonight.  It was in honor of a special speaker who came to campus.  I dressed up nice and sat with Kelly (she played Lydia in Children of a Lesser God), Ellen, and two faculty members.  We had a nice talk and a nice dinner.  I learned a lot about Kelly.  She seems to have a wonderful heart for God.  She sang at the program, it was beautiful.

I hung out with Abigail and Jessica afterwards.  They are wonderful.  Things are looking good for Abigail.  She applied to Belmont in Nashville and I pray she gets accepted.

We talked and laughed until the Christian Student Union meeting where I led the evening’s devotional.  I spoke about how God made each of us so he could share us with the rest of his creation.  Yet the irony is that Christians have become a comfortable group and we refuse to let strangers in.  Our job is to love them, accept their differences, forgive them if we need to, and share our life with them.  We had a wonderful discussion.  Some were even crying.

Thanks God for speaking for me.  I love you with my whole life!

October 25, 1995 – Wednesday – 11:45 p.m.

I am so happy!

First let me tell you that I got a letter from Emily.  Hurricane Opal destroyed Crestview.  Her house is okay, but some of her friends are homeless.  She is still here with me on this planet and that alone makes everything okay.  She is special.  She is my pen pal.

Her last line read like this, “After all, what good we do for each other, will reward our paper hearts.”

I called Kristen tonight, she is Erica’s friend, whom I met at the concert this past summer.  We are going to try and meet sometime soon.

FCA was so wonderful tonight.  The Lord gave me a wonderful devotion.  Jars of Clay sings a song called World’s Apart.  I used it tonight along with Matthew 7: 21-24.  I can’t repeat everything I said, but everyone was so still and silent as I spoke.  So many people talked to me afterwards.  Allen accepted Jesus as his savior.  I’m so excited!  You just don’t know!

Thanks God!  Thanks for these dear friends.  And for this beautiful place where we get to share our friendship.

I simply can’t believe how wonderful everything is!