January 13, 1996 – Saturday – 1:36 a.m.

Well…things are good.

My classes seem pretty hard yet fun for this semester.  My accounting class seems different.  Lisa was in it, but she dropped it.  She said the only reason she would have stayed in it was for me.

Thursday night, Charlie, Allen, and Vince and I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. just talking in my room.

We laughed so hard; we were talking about the strangest things.

Today my Speech and Acting II classes met.  Charlie and Kate and I have Speech together.  It should be fun.

This evening we rented Clueless.  I love that movie.  Afterwards we played basketball in the old gym.

There is more snow outside my window than I have ever seen in my whole life.

I can’t wait to go to church.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow.

Simply another day of pure joy.



July 25, 1995 – Tuesday – 11:22 p.m.

Around 2:00 p.m. today, this day looked like it was going to be a total bummer, but I found joy in the end.

Last week, on Tuesday the 18th, I went to the eye doctor for a few contact prescription.  Before my eyes were -5.00.  Now they are -6.00.  She gave me a trial pair.  I wore them, but my right eye never seemed to keep the contact in place.  Today, I was supposed to go back since it had been a week.  So, after calling Jenna and Tenielle, and making a haircut appointment with their mom, plus shaving Jonathan’s head, Kevin, Nate, Wayne, and I went to Sanford.  We dropped Wayne off and then I went to the eye doctor at Wal-Mart to find out the vessels in my right eye-lid are swollen up and I can’t wear contacts for six weeks.

I don’t have any glasses, so I had to buy some.  They will come in about 10 days.  I have to see out of only my left eye until then.  This news totally bummed me out because I’m going to see Emily in Florida.  I obviously want perfect vision when I’m around perfect beauty.  But the glasses don’t look that bad and I do have one contact.  So things are still okay.

I got my hair cut while Nate went swimming.  Kevin and I came back to go to a movie with Peter and his cousin.  We saw Clueless in Asheboro.  It was great!  One of the greatest I had seen all summer.  It was just simple and funny.  I laughed so loud so many times.

I’m looking forward to seeing Emily.  I am going to have the greatest time.

Nine more days.

I see things here coming to a close again like last summer.

I will not be able to go to Deep Creek this summer.  I need to stay here and work so I can go to Florida.  It is worth giving up though.

I’m leaving for Banner Elk on the 13th now instead of the 14th.  So in 18 days I will begin my Fall semester and the summer will be over.

Eighteen days left of summer.

Nine more days of eager anticipation.

And this eager anticipation is what has made the summer of ’95 unique.

Goodbye yesterday.

Hello tomorrow.