April 12, 1996 – Friday – 4:30 p.m.

No one is going to Carowinds.  And by that I mean that Charlie and his youth group nor any of the guys are going.  But, I discovered today that two girls who live in Virginia Dorm are going.  So tomorrow, I’m riding with them.  I can’t wait to see Kevin.  DC Talk is performing.

I found out today that Jeff isn’t coming back in the fall.  He’s attending a University in Virginia instead.  We will all miss him.

Today has been another beautiful day.  Perhaps spring is here to stay.

Today in Acting class we did an exercise that was exactly how the Emmanuel Players used to perform skits, and how I directed the one for church last weekend.  My group did a small skit to a song from the Braveheart soundtrack.  We blew the audience away!

It’s such a joy to know that I’m halfway decent at what I do.

Tomorrow will be a joy.

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been to Carowinds.

April 7, 1996 – Sunday – 11:20 p.m.

A beautiful Easter.  There were snowflakes in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and the most amazing sunset of the year so far.

The skit we performed went wonderfully at church.  By the end of the morning, I began to grow weary of the number of times I said “thank you” to all the compliments.  People cried.  Everyone was touched.

Thank you Lord.

Molly sat next to me in church.  She would play with her hair.  I would watch.  Our elbows would sometimes touch.  And she hugged me when the service was over.

We ate at Marty and Stan’s for Lunch.  A lot of people were there.  I now believe we even have some adults interested in doing some drama for church.  People seem to be amazed by me.  They asked me where I got the material, but I simply pointed to my head.  They couldn’t believe that I made it all up.  It is how I worship.  It is the gift God has given me.

Look how far I’ve come from those days with the Emmanuel Players at Abundant Life.

It began in 1990 when I was asked to be a puppeteer for children’s church.  I then began doing some scene, then they asked me to play a small part in the Christmas play.  I did and I was adored.  I continued with puppets, then did some clown work and created other characters and scenes.  In August of 1992 we began a skit group.  Jason led us.  I watched him and I performed several skits directed by him.  We became inseparable friends.  All of us.  Those names are forever stored in my heart.

For the summer of 1993, Jason had to leave.  I tried to lead us.  Pastor Steve tried, but the flame had grown damp.  However, it was not damp in me.  I directed a few skits before we split up and I continued with children’s church.

Then I came to Lees-McRae; Once Upon a Mattress, Of Mice and Men, A Few Good Men, Antigone, Bearclaw, Christmas Comes to Lone Star Gulch, tons of acting classes and now I’m leading church drama again.

But my greatest teacher is God.  I don’t need to be famous.  I don’t need to be rich.  I just need to use the arts to show people how much God loves them.