July 31, 1994 – Sunday – 11:51 p.m.

This is amazing!  I didn’t wait until August 10th.  I did it tonight!

After church we went to McDonald’s so Kevin could see Sonya.  And I told Marcus that I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had to see her now.

Christi was home.

She answered the door and at first I thought, “Oh Lord, she’s going to roll her eyes.”

Marcus went in and she gave him a hug.  She saw me and said, “Hey Jacob” and gave me a hug too.  Her hair was in braids and she has braces now.  I told her to smile for me and she did.  

Man, what is it about braces that makes a girl so pretty?

Well, we went on in.  I talked to Hank about stuff while Marcus talked to Christi.  Then I stood up and listened in on their conversation.  Christi asked me how my summer was going.  We began talking and Marcus left to go talk to Hank.  I asked her if we could go into her room, and we did.

And I told her everything.  I told her about May 10th and what Cheryl and Amy and Ryan have told me.  I mean everything.

But to sum it all up, she said that she was feeling that way because she thought I was changing, but by coming to her and saying what I did and apologizing, it showed her that I hadn’t changed at all and that actually maybe she had.  She told me she was sorry.  I have her a hug and told her how happy I was.

She said she was happy too and hopes that she never loses a friend that is as wonderful as me.

Then Brooke came over.  That is the girl that works at Wal-Mart, whom I talked to yesterday.  Then more people came over and we all talked for a while.

Marcus and I had to go get Kevin.  Christi said she didn’t want us to go.  And they invited us over for Wednesday.

Everything has turned around.


Perhaps you will be with me for a while.


January 28, 1994 – Friday – 9:59 p.m.

Wednesday night and Thursday night I stayed at that house in Bonlee and watched those two boys.

At church Wednesday, Tenielle gave me a letter and Jenna told me that she mailed me hers.  I got it on Thursday.

I talked to them a little bit, but then I left.  I went to church alone that night.

Since I’m going to college, my mom has been seeking better employment than her job at Dr. K’s.  Dr. K didn’t like her looking for another job, so her let her go.  Now my mom is without a job, but I know God is going to give her something better.

Thursday night, I called Jenna from the house in Bonlee; it’s not long-distance from there.  Tenielle was asleep so I talked to her for about 40 minutes.  I also called Scott.  He’s not mad at me, but he is upset with some other people.  I don’t know all the details.

Ryan got braces.  She looked better without them, but she’s still my buddy.  My friend who doesn’t pass through my mind as much as she used to.  It’s weird, I thought I would never get over her.  But I did.  I also thought I would marry Veronica.  It just goes to show you that every time I meet someone I think, “Oh, this is HER!”  When, in reality, it’s just another greeting and farewell.

It’s all an ever-changing wind that follows me wherever I go.  One that will flow with me until I am free.