January 8, 1996 – Monday – 1:30 p.m.

This has been called the Blizzard of ’96.  As far as I know, everything from South Carolina to New York and above is covered with several feet of snow and ice.  I’m still stuck here in Siler City.  I called Charlie this morning.  He said that it hasn’t stopped snowing and that two feet of snow now covers Banner Elk.  We had a fun talk.  He said Dan was there and he went skiing.

I hope to either return tomorrow or Wednesday.  Everything has been pushed back a day.  Registration is Wednesday and classes begin Thursday.

I’ve been really weird this past couple of days.  Kevin is back and he has helped some.  But I want to go to school so bad.  I can’t be me here.  Mom and Henry seem like they try their absolute hardest to try and get on my nerves.  I know I’m thankful that I at least have a roof over my head during this storm, but this has been so hard for me.  I even feel farther away from the Lord when I’m here.

I’m reminded of my prayer from earlier in the semester:  “Take my world apart.”  Well, it seems as if this winter storm was the answer.  My world is no longer to be found.  I thought that if I had no world, then the only thing I could see would be Jesus.  But now all I dream about is my home in Banner Elk and my Jesus there.  I guess I was wrong.  But this has shown me that in order for me to see Jesus for who he really is, I need to live in love.  The love I know is not in this house.  It is in Banner Elk.

Take me home, Lord.

Take me now.

Forgive me.

I’ve learned my lesson.

Please don’t ever bring me back here again.

I love you Father!