March 2, 1998 – Monday – 2:40 p.m.

March has begun!

The last day of February was spent in Rock Hill, South Carolina and I had a fantastic time.  I got so much closer to God this weekend.  He is doing an amazing work in me.

We got back early Sunday morning.  Church was great and the cafeteria food even tasted better.  Sarah returned from her trip to Charlotte with the Highlanders that night.  She has a cast on right foot.  She broke her ankle on Thursday playing frisbee.  Poor girl.  But she is still smiling.

Last night, after my Next rehearsal, I spent nearly two hours talking with Mason Davis.  He is a great guy.  So many people can’t figure him out, but he told me so much about himself and how he thinks and see the world last night.  We really bonded.

After talking with him, I went went to see Sarah before visitation hours ended.  I told her about the weekend and how Lindy wanted to be baptized and asked Abigail and I to do it.  We did, everyone cheered, it was the best!  Sarah and I just snuggled and talked, it was so nice to be close to her again and to hold her.  She whispered sweet words of love in my ear.  Other people came in and out of her room and we just had so much fun.  She was eating some noodles and we even recreated the pasta scene from Lady and the Tramp.  Funny!

What an awesome girl I have.  What an awesome God there is.  And it’s only going to get better from here.

November 9, 1994 – Wednesday – 6:25 p.m.

Charlie and I talked to Al last night.  It turns out he wasn’t a Christian, so after talking with him for over an hour we prayed with him and he gave his heart to Jesus.  Then he wanted to get baptized, so I called a few people so he could have a little audience.  Charlie, Jason, Olivia, Glenda, Mr. Angel, and Jeni and I were there.  Charlie baptized Al.  It was great.  Al was crying.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 a.m. Jeni has gone to Bristol, Tennessee to dance.  She will be back tonight.  We leave in two days.