April 24, 1997 – Thursday – 10:50 a.m.

The Performing Arts banquet was last night.  To my surprise, I received the Acting Award for the year.  They complimented me on Children of a Lesser God, for learning a new language as well as memorizing the entire script, and they complimented me on my role of Polonius in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.  I couldn’t believe it.  Within two days, I received awards for both my performance in life as well as my performances on the stage.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes, but I’ve already begun work for my Summer Theater Resident Director job.

I’ve come a long way and my dreams have all come true.

April 22, 1997 – Tuesday – 10:15 p.m.

Plans have changed.  I may not go to Jenna’s wedding.  Instead, I may go to Flordia with Curtis and Ryan and spend time in the same county Emily lives in.

The Assassination Game has finally ended.  A girl named Ashley got 12 assassinations, but Daniel was the ultimate winner.  The game lasted a week and was really fun.

At the Honors and Awards service tonight I received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award.  I had no idea about this.  Everyone said it was a really big deal.  They normally go to seniors and I’m only a junior.  It stated in the program:

These awards are presented to individuals who, by their general conduct and relations with others, indicate that they possess to a marked degree a spirit of helpfulness and an awareness of the beauty and value of the intangible elements of life.

I received a huge framed certificate as well as a medallion and trophy with my name engraved on it.  Pretty amazing.

The world has awarded me for doing that which God created me to do.