January 26, 2000 – Wednesday – 9:30 a.m.

Yesterday this area received its largest snowfall in recorded history.  It’s only about five inches, and I’ve seen close to two feet in Banner Elk, but it’s fun to watch this whole region freak out.  They just don’t know what to do with it.  Everything is closed.

Marie and I spent the day together.  We watched Anne of Green Gables, played in the snow, and I took some pictures of her.  We had lunch and dinner together, and spent hours just holding each other and affirming each other.

Yesterday was a perfect day.  It seems I’ve waited through so many other days just to get to that one.

It has been exactly three months since Marie and I drove down to Currituck.  Three perfect months of a beautiful friendship.  I just reread all my journal entries from the past three months.  God is amazing.  I feel so loved by Marie and by Jesus.  I know so much beauty because of this little trio.

Three months from now it will be April 26th.  Spring Break will have just ended and the semester will nearly be over.



November 22, 1998 – Sunday – 9:30 p.m.

Whew, it has been one heck of a week.  So much has happened, there’s no way I’ll be able to write it all down, but I’ll try.

On Friday the 13th, two girls got saved at church.  Saturday’s drama practice was amazing, and then I filmed a short film for class.  After church on the 15th, I went to Sterling’s house for lunch, and then over to Connie and Christian’s house for supper.  On Tuesday I had dinner at Christin’s house and her mom Sherry dyed my hair super blonde for the play.  Everyone loves it.  On Wednesday, I did homework and had another TV studio shoot for class.  I worked nine hours on Thursday, and then on Friday I worked and then watched four straight hours of Anne of Green Gables; I cried the whole time.

I saw Rebecca St. James in concert yesterday, and, while waiting in line, I ran into Sara, who went to South Africa with me.  The concert was great, but the church was super conservative.  I was the only one standing up, singing along, and dancing.  Rebecca made eye contact with me and then invited everyone to stand and praise the Lord with her.  She then looked directly at me again and smiled.  The crowd sat back down, and I moved over to the side aisle to dance and sing and clap.  She kept glancing over there at me, as if to say, “what’s wrong with these people, why did they show up if they are just going to sit there?”  It felt like it was just her and I praising the Lord together.

It was priceless.