August 27, 2000 – Sunday – 8:47 a.m.

It really has been a good year.

A fun relationship.

Wonderful weddings.

A relatively painless ending of that relationship.

A new church.

New faces.

I’ve been working on my movie.

I visited New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Not bad so far.

Theresa ended her friendship with my roommate Dan after he told her that God said she was supposed to be his wife.  Dan’s in Canada at the moment.  Theresa is in New Mexico. Yet they still affect each other.  Dan comes back on Tuesday.

Chris is back from his five week Europe trip.  He and Kirsten are together again.  He wants to propose over Christmas.  He, however, is going to do theater in Montana until Thanksgiving.  There’s a going-away party for him today.

Lord and I give August, and everything after, to you.


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