July 28, 2000 – Friday – 7:09 a.m.

There is a beautiful fog hovering outside over this flat land.  It’s been 25 months since I moved here.  Dan, my new roommate, has finished moving all the way in.  David has moved out.

I’m going to do my best to graduate by December and move out before 2001, but we’ll see.  I’m not sure where I’ll go.  Perhaps up to the peninsula near Yorktown.  I’ll be closer to family, to Acoustic Works, and I hear there are good churches in Williamsburg.  But I’m merely a child; God will guide me.

In one week I’m supposed to be going to Laura’s wedding back in the mountains.  But maybe I should stay close by for my dad’s 50th birthday.  I haven’t decided yet.

Tomorrow morning I have to drive up to Langley and take pictures of the Extreme Fitness installation we are doing there.

I miss winter.

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