January 30, 2000 – Sunday – 5:00 p.m.

Marie and I attended Avalon Hills Bible Church this morning.  It is right across the street from Regent.  We made a beautiful breakfast together before we left, and we also made a delightful lunch together when we returned.

The service was different from my upbringing, but the sermon was wonderful.  I simply didn’t feel much freedom in the worship, but that is fine I suppose.  God is molding me.  He is preparing me for I life spent with Marie.  The church is grounded in the word, so I’m happy for it to be the place we attend together.

On Friday we spent the day together in Hampton at the Virginia Space and Air museum.  We saw two Imax films and had a nice lunch downtown.  Yesterday I saw The Hurricane with Chris and it blessed me unlike any other film this year so far.  Chris and Dan are turning out to be my best good guy friends here at Regent.  Dan is a fellow “bookstorian.”

We are getting together in an hour to have a Super Bowl protester’s party, where we just play games instead of watch the game.  It’ll be me, Marie, Dan, Theresa, Chris and a few others.

God’s grace is unbelievable!


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