January 27, 2000 – Thursday – 1:00 p.m.

The Word tells me to take no thought of my life, and no thought for my life.

Why then have I kept a journal?  Aren’t all these pages merely thoughts?

The Word however is the heart and thoughts of God, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry.

Marie and I talked of marriage last night.  Three months we’ve had this special friendship and now we are talking about marriage.

You are so beautiful God.  I am your bride.  You have washed this sinner clean.  You are worthy.  You are worthy to have your way between this little boy and this little girl way down here where we cannot see the big picture.

I feel so broken and so small.

Melt my pride and my doubt.

All I want is your love oh God.  I admit that on my knees.  If your love is through Marie, and I can love you through her, then I accept it so thankfully.  It is such a beautiful manifestation of you.


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