January 10, 2000 – Monday – 4:30 p.m.

Classes start today, but I don’t have one until tomorrow.  But let me talk about last week, the week of my first non-silent short film.  With a crew of about 25 and a cast of 13 featured roles (not counting extras), I attempted to tell a story very similar to my own.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday went very smoothly.  Thursday at the church was a bit rough, but we got all our shots.  Friday at the beach was freezing cold, and Saturday at the beach took a bit of effort and creativity to make it rain.

Despite the cop that came and the table we lost in the ocean, we got all our shots.  Everyone told me that it was a very stress free week.  I believe I directed and communicated well.  I learned to storyboard and I stuck to them.  Perhaps that is why everything was so relaxing, it was all planned out in advance.

In less than two weeks I have my public reading for Silhouette and The Tape that Binds.  I need to cast and rehearse those readers.

Marie’s sister Jenny is in town.  We went to see Anna and the King yesterday and tonight I’m going over for dinner.  Marie is blessing me unlike any other and I feel the love of God coming through her to me.

Life with her is wonderful.


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