December 7, 1999 – Tuesday – 11:41 p.m.

So much to say.

Marie and I have had a wonderful past few days.

On Sunday night we played Bible Trivia with each other, as well as spending many moments staring at each other silently.  She beat me in the game, but she tried so hard to at least let it be a tie.  Before I left we stood face to face and I touched her face and told her of her beauty.  We kind of held hands for a second or two.

Yesterday, Eddie from Lees-McRae came in for our Dang! rehearsal.  Marie was here when he showed up; we all hung out for a while.  I later took Eddie out to eat.

The rehearsal went great!  I also saw Marie afterward, and we talked for awhile and affirmed each other.  We spent time just touching each others’ hands and each others’ faces.  It was the most beautiful of moments.  She is so soft.  I feel horrible for ever writing the same thing about another girl.

We shared much with each other tonight.  An amazing thing is beginning.  She makes me feel beautiful.  She told me of how her mother and sister both know and approve of me.  Her world knows of me.

She played an old Twila Paris song for me about the child in me finding the child in you.  We listened to it and held hands.  We even spoke of how great it would be to sit with each other in church.

You are so good God.

Thank you.

All of this is from you.

She is yours, not mine.

December 4, 1999 – Saturday – 12:05 p.m.

Another week has passed and I’ve finally found time to write.

I saw Toy Story 2 with Tracey’s family and then Vince arrived on Sunday.  Marie returned from her visit him and we spent some time together and had dinner at Applebee’s on Wednesday.  She shared with me a family photo album, which she brought from home.  I got to see her family as well as pictures from her trips to Israel and Egypt.  She even showed me her diary, which she’s been keeping since the age of six.  It was the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

I told her that when I was that age I was doing similar things and that I dreamed there was a girl out there doing the same thing as well.  Seeing picture of Marie in high school, wow, it was like I had seen her before in my dreams.

God, please take care of our hearts.

Rehearsals for “Clown of God” have been crazy, but the show opened last night and it went well.  Vince and Marie came and we went out for ice-cream afterward.

We also had a location scout on Friday and God gave us a lot of favor.  It was weird because I’m the director, but I didn’t need to do anything.  Everyone else was just doing their job and I just sat back and watched it all come together.  It was very humbling.

It has been a joy to have Vince here, but it is also very weird combining Lees-McRae and Regent.

I have a show this afternoon, then I’ll work on some papers due next week.  The show runs all next week and ends on December 12th.  I’ll take my finals and then everything ends on the 15th.  I’m sure Marie will leave soon after that.  We are trying to make plans to see each other around Christmas.  I’ll stay and work at the bookstore until the 22nd and try to get pre-production completed for Dang!.  Marie may spend the new year here.  I’m not sure.  Vince will go back on the 22nd, and I’ll drive to Uncle Jeff’s house in Maryland for Christmas.

I wish life would slow down.

Just a little bit.