November 10, 1999 – Wednesday – 10:15 p.m.

The sun set across the Chesapeake Bay, on the other end of Portsmouth, beyond the ports of Norfolk, as Marie and I watched the red blood sky flicker along the water of the world below.  Sunsets, moonrises, barren deserts, and autumn woods.

There are other things going on besides Marie, but she is the only thing worth writing about.

I’m surviving the semester but I’m seeing that I need help to get me through this life.  I can’t survive on moviemaking alone.  I can’t even survive on human love alone.  I can only survive on the love of God, but I see how he is using both work and love to show me his goodness and his grace.

I want to share this with Marie.  I want us to be bond together with Jesus.  But your will God, not mine.

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