October 8, 1999 – Friday – 2:00 p.m.

Last night I cut class and went up to Richmond to see Caedmon’s Call in concert.  Jill Phillips and Bebo Norman performed as well.  Jill Phillips is from Chesapeake!  The show that Lindy and I didn’t get to see…I saw last night.  I went by myself, but I got to see my brother and Dad.

At the concert I hung out with some people.  I met this guy named Jeff and this guy named Burke I think, who is an actor doing a film in the area.  He lives in New York, is a model/actor, and says he is doing a film with Denzel Washington.  And he is a Christian.  I got his email.

It was great to be around other Christians and become friends with them in the span of one evening.  How small this world is.  I love the United States.  Anything is possible.

God is doing separate things through so many, but they are all for his glory.  I expect him to do great things through me.  He died for such things.  We have the favor of God all over us.  He goes before us.  Oh, I love you Jesus.  I hope to show others more of you.  I love the beauty I see in others.  I love all the potential.

Thank you for my story Lord.  I don’t want another one.

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