June 29, 1999 – Tuesday – 6:25 a.m.

It is Allen’s birthday again!

I am in my room now.  Corey, Matt, and Seth (my Master’s Commission guys) are sleeping in the living room.  We’ve decided that it is more convenient for the guys to stay here.

So, we led a service Sunday night in Hampton and last night in Pungo.  God is doing amazing things!  We learned “Masks” all day yesterday.  The rehearsals were rough, but the performance was great!  That drama/dance is anointed!

Mary prayed for me last night during the service.  I should not lean on my own understanding when it comes to her.  But I see that she is a woman of God and a prayer warrior.  She will completely take care of whoever she marries.

Maybe it will be me.  But maybe not.

God is in control and he’ll take care of it.

God has created a wonderful home for me here in Virginia Beach over the past year.  The youth group at Parkway is so on fire for God, and I’ve crossed paths with so many amazing people!  God is pouring out his spirit on everyone.

This place may be flat, and boy do I miss the mountains, but it doesn’t matter…God is here!

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