June 27, 1999 – Sunday – 8:50 p.m.

It has been one year since I first moved to the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

One year.

I am currently at a church in Hampton, where Master’s Commission will lead the service.  Saturday was spent in Richmond; ministering in some poorer areas.  It was bad there, but not as bad as South Africa.  This morning we were in charge of the service at Bethel in Virginia Beach.

We had pizza out in Pungo, and I drove the van pulling the trailer up here to Hampton.  The trailer kept fishtailing back and forth, which was pretty scary when driving through the tunnel.

On Friday night, we kind of had a serious conversation with all the Master’s Commission folk.  Mary is nice to me, but I don’t feel much appreciated by the others.  I met Mary’s family, who were both nice and weird.  I took a picture of their house.  I think I’m a little angry inside, because Mary is someone I want, but deep down know I can’t have.

This morning in church, I really felt the Lord speaking to me about my life, ministry, and career.  I really felt that I must continue to work in the areas of film and theater no matter what.  It is simply the craft that the Lord is asking me to put my hand to.

Doing Master’s Commission almost feels like touring with a band.  We’ve been on the road a lot and we are always eating out.  The driving is fun, but also tiring.  In one week and one day, we’ll be in a plane on our way to L.A.

God is good.  I am meeting many people I never knew were out there.

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